About Us

The Directors Council has gone through an evolution from a loose fit group of independent Executive Directors focused primarily on our individual organization’s needs into a coalition of leaders collectively dedicated to improving the conditions of the individuals in the neighborhoods we serve.  In July of 2004, TDC was officially incorporated.

TDC has two primary objectives. The first is to provide support to our fellow members and their organizations through collective grant applications, technical support and peer guidance. The second is to pool our resources to create efficient and effective social service programs that are lacking in our community. Our collective commitment to positively effect the lives of members of our community has given us the strength to begin the planning and implementation of several exciting new programs. Together, we pool our collective experiences in order to develop programs that are unique to TDC. Meeting weekly as a large group, TDC works together to not only talk about the issues facing our organizations, but to act on creating real, positive and innovative change. The Directors Council is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization consisting of CEOs and Executive Directors of several Des Moines area organizations including: Oakridge Neighborhoods and Services, Evelyn K. Davis Center for Working Families, Brantley Consulting, The Willams Group, Tramontina Consulting, Betty Andrews Media, Des Moines Human Rights and YMCA.

TDC is a coalition of leaders collectively dedicated to improving the conditions of the individuals in the neighborhoods they serve. By coordinating services and experience, TDC is able to work together to fund member organizations’ individual programs as well as implement their awn unique initiatives. Amongst other TDC programs are: One Economy, African American Leadership Academy, Black Urban Professionals, I Am Des Moines, More in the Core, Youth Violence Prevention and African American Leadership Forum.

Board of Directors

Teree Caldwell-Johnson

CEO, Oakridge Neighborhood

Ted Willams

The Williams Group

Marvin DeJear, Jr.

Evelyn K. Davis Center for Working Families

Mike Tramontina

Board Member
Tramontina Consulting

Jerald Brantley

Board Member
Brantley Consulting

Joshua Barr

Board Member
Des Moines Human Rights

Betty Andrews

Board Member
Betty Andrews Media (BAM)